Stamping parts

By means of the press and die, the sheet, strip, tube and profile are exerted with external force to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece.

Tool car

Which is suitable for the safe and reasonable transportation of tools and accessories on the production site.The tool car is composed of various types of tool cabinets, added top cabinets, casters and other moving parts.

Tool cabinet

The tool cabinet is suitable for the fixed management of tools, cutting tools and spare parts in the production site, so as to make your goods storage work truly punctual, accurate, efficient and low consumption.

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Jiaxing Hengtai Metal Technology Co., Ltd,we have more than 10 years Experience in stamping. We hava own factory,and Our professional products are buckles,hooks,handle,hasp,and customized stamping parts.
We also have own powder line,and bending machine.

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